photo: Sandra Jayne Taylor

photo: Lauri Nemetz

photo: Eric Feinstein

The combination of yoga and kayaking is based on gaining a sense of connection. The word "yoga" derives from the Indian Sanskrit yuj meaning to "yoke" or "join together" and both disciplines connect us to the greater environment. The formal discipline of yoga is around five thousand years old, placing it within the same time period of the first known kayaks.

Kayaking developed from several different indigenous people from Canada to Australia, as a means to access the waterways and oceans. Kayakers develop a great sense of appreciation, like yogis and yoginis, for being in the present moment, as well as appreciating the elements around them. The physical balance from the two disciplines enhances both experiences.

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Here are some photos from recent trips in Canada, Costa Rica and the Hudson Valley.

Costa Rica - various photos from 2009 - present - Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger version.