Kayaking with Lauri Sunset paddle this Friday - August 18 (Peekskill)

From: "Kayaking with Lauri" <lauri@wellnessbridge.com>
Subject: Kayaking with Lauri Sunset paddle this Friday - August 18 (Peekskill)
Date: August 13th 2017

Hi all-

This was a pic I took from our last yoga/kayak combo with Hudson River Expeditions out of Peekskill. We have another trip happening this Friday!

Note the earlier start time of 5:30 p.m. (!) and sign up ASAP to guarantee the trip and your spot on it. https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/hudsonriverexpeditions/items/50820/calendar/2017/08/

Please remember we need to determine schedules, and kayaks early in the week, so it is important to sign up soon for this trip!

Also, I’m looking to add in another Ossining trip and to have it on a Sunday late afternoon - per requests- will have updated info soon but tentatively hold the date of Sept. 10th.

Hope to see you on your mat and on the water!

Shanti (peace),



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