Kayaking with Lauri Yoga / Kayak Sunset Paddle - July 28 (Ossining)

From: "Kayaking with Lauri" <lauri@wellnessbridge.com>
Subject: Kayaking with Lauri Yoga / Kayak Sunset Paddle - July 28 (Ossining)
Date: July 24th 2017

Hi all,

The season has been going really nicely- be sure to join us for the unique yoga/kayak combo trips.  Sign up early in the week to guarantee the trip and your spot on it!! We need to bring boats to this one, so be sure to register in advance. The direct link is:  https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/hudsonriverexpeditions/items/52918/calendar/2017/07/

Hope to see you on your mat and on the water!!  Questions?  Feel free to write me at info@wellnessbridge.com

Shanti (peace),




Laurice D. Nemetz
YA Education Provider
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Pace University Pleasantville faculty
Ananda Ashram faculty-applied anatomy
Certified teacher Anatomy Trains ®
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