Anatomy newsletter - and an upcoming workshop

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Subject: Anatomy newsletter - and an upcoming workshop
Date: April 29th 2016

Hi everyone!

Lots of workshops and happenings- particularly east coast!  I taught a string of anatomically based yoga workshops in the recent months concentrating on the anatomy of the hips relative to poses like pigeons and hanumans and of the shoulder girdle in relevance to arm balances.  Also, as many of you know, I spent three weeks at the beginning of the year assisting Anatomy Trains ® dissections in Tempe AZ.  Recently, I presented some of my new work as part of the American Association of Anatomists at the Experimental Biology Conference in San Diego in April.  Many of my anatomy posts can be found via the Anatomy Trains ® dissection Facebook page:  Please like the page and check “get notifications” to get the updates.  Feel free to interact with the posts- we usually answer pretty quickly!

I’m traveling to VA this weekend to teach, and booking workshops this year in PA, MI, and more, but I want to highlight an workshop for those in the NY area May 14-15th, right in a lovely studio in Mt. Kisco:

Here’s the link:

Please sign up ASAP to guarantee the workshop and your spot in it.  I’ve been told there are only a few spots remaining, as the studio space is limited. Please feel free to share with friends!

Hope to see you soon, and send me the latest from the anatomy world that is exciting you!




Anatomy Trains for Movement Specialists

Dates May 14 – 15, 2016
Location Mt. Kisco, NY USA
Venue Quest Yoga Arts
Address 11 East Main St.
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
Class Times 10:00am - 6:00pm each day



Laurice D. Nemetz
Wellness Bridge
Pace University Pleasantville faculty
Ananda Ashram faculty-applied anatomy
Certified teacher Anatomy Trains ®
Yoga & Kayaking trips




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